Behind Sockdrawer's Battery Powered Setup

Behind Sockdrawer's Battery Powered Setup

Sockdrawer's mission is to be as sustainable and as energy efficient as possible. We have always been focused on finding new and innovative ways to streamline our events.

We originally began using battery powered speakers because they were mobile and convenient for small personal camps at festivals. Turns out, they actually hold down a party pretty well! With just a couple of extra batteries, we had enough juice to go all day and night. These battery powered speakers quickly became an important part of our renegade setup. 

This breakthrough in speaker technology made us question what else we can run with as minimal of a footprint possible.

We created a custom LED stage feature (the triangles pictured above) keeping in mind the lower the power usage the better. LEDs are known for their efficiency, durability, and low power draw, so they became the obvious choice for our art project. 

Next we needed an efficient power source. After some research we found that battery generators are the way to go! They are a bit more expensive than a traditional gas powered generator, but the convenience of not having to buy gas, maintain the oil, and lug around heavy gas tanks makes a world of difference for us. Not to mention the loud engine sound of the generator disrupting our neighbors and competing with our speakers was something we were happy to completely eliminate. Most of the noise complaints we get from renegades are really about the generator noise more than the music. Plus a hot leaky generator doesn't exactly go well with dry and extremely flammable California. Going solar and battery powered is not only a cool thing to do, but also one that make sense!

Our battery powered generator can run our renegade stage and dj equipment for about 20 hours with just one charge. combine that with some solar panels during the day and we can be the party that truly never stops!

We want to encourage everyone that wants to throw renegades or small parties to try out a solar set up! We still have a lot of work to go but we are excited to find new ways to run bigger systems off of less power. We plan on scaling alternative energy and moving to more sustainable practices as we grow.


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