Sockdrawer is a bass music and art collective based out of San Francisco, California.

Our Mission

In the Sockdrawer every sock belongs! it is our mission to search behind every couch cushion, under every dog bed, and on the dance floor of every bassy party to find our missing socks. No lost sock can resist heavy bass lines and good vibes.

Our Beliefs

We believe the party should never stop! Sockdrawer strives to share our love for bass music and renegade culture with the rest of the world by uplifting and inspiring the community.
In the world of vibrations we are all the same, and we welcome anyone who wants to tune into our frequency.

Our Goals

We want to inspire in ways that can positively impact the world for generations to come. As we grow, we want to focus our efforts on donating and fundraising to give back to the local art community.

All Sockdrawer events are "Leave No Trace". We work hard to practice sustainability while taking pride in respecting our environment.

Inspiration behind Sockdrawer

"After losing my dream career due to COVID, I felt lost and disconnected.I knew that if I felt this way, many others were probably going through something similar. To lift spirits, I spent time promoting virtual events, sending positive messages, and even mailed handmade crafts to my friends.

While attending the 2020 virtual burn,
I discovered a new online platform called Topia that ignited the idea to create Sockdrawer, a 24/7 online festival space. I was able to connect people and artists in a meaningful way. As our community grew, we expanded to physical events, becoming an official camp at Burning Man in 2022 and beyond.

Inspired by the support of our friends and community, Sockdrawer continues to grow and evolve for years to come. "


2020 - Necklace Factory Award of excellence

2023 - Playa Awards Best Sound Camp

2024 - Burning Man Arts Honoraria Grant

More to come!



Socks is a full time visual artist based in San Francisco CA. He has traveled the world doing lighting for five star cruise ship theaters, world class nightclubs in Vegas and LA, and lasers for festival audiences across America and Canada. He currently spends his time curating events and focusing on bringing people together while pushing the boundaries of music and art.

Sock Operations


Shawna has been an important member and biggest supporter since Sockdrawer's inception in 2020. She is the organizer and coordinator that makes all of this possible. From picking up our stage from the police after getting it confiscated at a renegade, to making sure things are running safely and smoothly, she has an amazing set of skills that brings the sock magic to life.