Sock-o-Tron 4200: the FUTURE of Sock Drying

Sock-o-Tron 4200: the FUTURE of Sock Drying

Have you ever gotten your socks wet but no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get them dry? Sick of that damp smell because the desert sun just isn't getting the job done? Well we have a solution for you!

The Sock-o-tron 4200 is not just any dryer; it's a laundry revolution packed into one sleek machine. With its cutting-edge Cyclonic SockDry technology, your socks go from soaking wet to perfectly dry in half the time of a regular dryer. That's right, HALF the time!
  • But wait, there's more! The Sock-o-tron 4200 is equipped with SmartSock tech, which means no more guessing if your clothes are dry. This genius machine automatically adjusts drying times to ensure energy efficiency and protect your precious fabrics as you walk! Say goodbye to shrunken socks and hello to the perfect dry, every time.
  • And for those of you thinking about the environment – and your wallet – the Sock-o-tron 4200 uses 100% less energy than conventional dryers. It's the eco-friendly choice that keeps on giving, saving you money on your energy bills month after month.
But we're not done yet! Donate now, and we'll gift you the exclusive StaticSock dryer sheet and sticker bundle, absolutely free! This innovative device uses advanced ion technology to eliminate static cling without any mind control or additives. Your socks come out soft, static-free, and ready to wear.

For just a small donation of your choosing, you can experience the FUTURE of dry socks. Your socks, and your feet, will thank you.

Click Here to donate and support our 2024 Burning Man Art Honoraria Winner Project the "Sock-o-Tron 4200"!

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