SockTalk: Interview with puppet artist Madi

SockTalk: Interview with puppet artist Madi

Hey fellow socks! Welcome to SockTalk, a blog dedicated to inspiring creativity and each other.

We are here with Madi and she makes all kinds of amazing puppet art! She has done workshops at some of our favorite festivals, and also loves socks, bass, and inspiring others.

Tell us a little about yourself, and where u are from?

Hi friends! I’m Madi! I’m a colorful Colorado native✨ I’ve been here my whole life and I sure do love this place! I’ve been making art ever since I can remember. It’s in my silly little bones! 

So tell us about the puppets! What are they about, and What made you want to get into puppetry? 

I’ve always loved where art meets function, and what better way to bring art to life than puppets?! I’ve been really into sewing and making stuffies, and they’ve slowly evolved into bags and puppets. Every time I make a new friend the designs become better and better. The sky really is the limit. 

All of my art represents embodiment of childlike energy, imagination, and whimsy! 

What is your favorite part of working with puppets? 

My favorite part about making puppets is when they start to show me their personality. Usually they’re expressions tell me that they’re excited to be here but occasionally they’re confused and I think it’s hilarious.Every time someone new puts a puppet I’ve created on their hand, it’s like a new form of their personality is born and it tickles me pink.

What inspires you the most?

Inspiration is one of my favorite feelings in life! 

It’s interesting because it doesn’t always come naturally. 

Sometimes sharing space with other like minded individuals is what really helps me find my creative flow and open up the floodgates of ideas. 

Sometimes all it takes is seeing a funny lookin mailbox. All of a sudden my brain skyrockets and next thing you know I’m painting a fridge that has legs and is running! 😂 


Can you introduce us to some of your friends and their stories?

One of my most recent puppet creations is named Whimslo and I can honestly say he represents the realm of whimsy in more ways than one. His silly face, his wacky fur, his pocket full of noise makers. He’s really truly my spirit animal. 


If you had a favorite character of yours, who would it be and why?

My favorite character would have to be a little doodle of a hat I made named Toggin. Whenever you put a Toggin on your noggin you see whimsy! He is going to be one of the main characters in a children’s book I’m creating. Putting a toggin on your noggin is another way of expressing the ability to see the silly in all seriousness. A representation of the ability to step into the world of imagination. 

Maybe I’ll make a Toggin puppet! 

How hard is it to make a puppet? Does it take a lot of time? Walk us through some of your process.

Honestly I can say making a puppet is only as complicated as you make it! Sock puppets are such an easy way to make a puppet friend. The more intense creations I’ve made are like sock puppets with extra steps. I’ve made some puppets in 5 hours, and I’ve also spent like 12 hours making them.

It always starts with a mouth plate. Will they have teeth? A uvula? Once the mouth plate is born, I’ll sew together a little mitten and attach it to the mouth plate with hot glue. After that’s attached it’s all about building the head and the chin. This is where I’ve started to hoan in on some changes.

I’ve used a lot of materials that make hands hot, but at the same time the puppets I make are meant to be held and they have pockets to hold your things, little metal loops for bag straps and whatnot. 

As I lean into puppetry and puppet shows I’m focusing on making them less heavy and more breathable for long performances that don’t leave your hand feeling sweaty. 

What would i need to know if i wanted to make one of my own? Any tips or tricks for a first time puppet maker?

If you’ve never made a puppet before and you’re thinking about giving it a go, my advice to you is that less is more. 

Even just a set of googly eyeballs on a random object can promote life in an inanimate object. 

It’s okay to let loose and make something that isn’t perfect, no one in life is! Honestly the imperfections are what make the puppets even better in my opinion. Like Bob Ross would say, "happy little accidents" :)

So you make puppets but do you make other art too?

I make so many different kinds of art. Digital, acrylic painting, sewing, crocheting, collage, tie dye.

I love to jump around and incorporate multiple mediums into my practice. Variety is the spice of life and I love to keep myself on my toes! It keeps things new and exciting. If I haven’t tried something before I’ll give it a go! 

Anything else you would like to say? 

If I could say anything at all, I’d tell you to always be silly and never be sorry. Think Whimsy is founded on the belief that everyone should embrace their inner child and imagination. My work is meant to encourage individuals to reconnect with the playful and whimsical aspects of life. Each piece of art, whether a painting or a puppet, is designed to inspire and uplift, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

How can we support you or follow your art?

I’ll be vending at a few festivals in Colorado this summer, Andramada and Hot Nonsense!

Most of my sales are made to order, so if you’re interested in spicing up your life with some whimsy send me a direct message (@thinkwhimsy on Instagram) and we can taco bout it!



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I’m so proud of you mad! You have always been so creative, full of the most amazing energy. You continue to surprise me with all the new ideas and designs you come up with. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Don’t stop loving what you do best! Love always, Kels 💚

Kelsea Murphy

Joy! Pure joy! You simply bubble over with joy! I’d like to be you when (and if) I grow up. 😅 We’d love to see you again!

Carol Louks-Welch

Madi is a very special, lovable, free spirit with incredible artistic talent! She’s also my favorite niece and I love her to pieces!! ❤️

Lori Emery

I am so tickled to have Madi as my niece! She is the most beautiful spirit and creative person I know. Her joy overflows and is infectious. Keep spreading the whimsy girl! This world needs you!! Love Aunt Di

Diana Mucha

I am such a proud mama if my daughter. Her creativity continues to blossom!

Stacy McClure

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